Web Design Tutorials

We have just added a new series of web design tutorials to our website here at Studio 1 Web Design. For many years we have been accumulating a (thick) file of web design work flows. A “work flow” is simply a series of steps to accomplish a particular task. They deal with the day to day work of making websites.


We have been writing them down on legal pad paper and stuffing them into this manila folder and storing them in a file drawer for quite some time, now. We have found that we are constantly referring to them like a recipe book so we thought that it was about time to share them. ... Read More

Integrating Social Media With Email Into Direct Marketing Campaigns

Recent studies conducted by marketing firms point out that businesses who use email marketing in combination with more traditional marketing methods (direct mail, print media, magazine advertising, etc.) have an increased probability of increased revenues. Such is the case with a recent study conducted by Vistaprint (http://tinyurl.com/yk5zc76). Email marketing is simple, cheap and very effective. Results can be improved upon if social media is integrated into email marketing.

For example, a small business operating in a storefront location may have a loyal customer base who would like to be notified when the store has a sale. The existing customers should be the first to hear about any sales or specials because they will be the ones most likely to buy. The store can simply have customers sign up for their email mailing list at their cash register or point of sale. The store can email the customers to the mailing list for little or no cost.

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Postal Service Forum Launched by Marketing and Mailing Groups

PostalJournal.com Website

POSTALJOURNAL.COM – On December 1, 2009 a new Web forum was launched at www.postaljournal.comby a coalition of postal, mailing and marketing groups to discuss the state of the US Postal Service and how the federal agency can maintain its relevance in the future.The site was created by PostCom (The Association for Postal Commerce), the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association and the Envelope Manufacturers Association with the support of the Direct Marketing Association and Direct Communications Group.

The goals of PostalJournal.com are to explore the evolution of the American postal system as part of the nation’s 21st century economic and communication infrastructure and to facilitate an exchange of postal perspectives by individuals without regard to past or present occupational affiliations.

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Direct Mail Discussions Begin Between US & Cuba

This can be big news for suppliers of mailing lists and for businesses that buy mailing lists. Restoring direct mail service between U.S. and Cuba has been an issue that has thwarted previous presidents, including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Previous attempts had been stalled by the Cuban government. Experts say that it would not only be a big step for families that have been divided but also would be a politically critical move. The decision to have the direct mail talks comes just after migration talks in New York in July.

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Buy Mailing Lists From A Reputable Company

Mailing Lists Direct is an established and  reputable company that offers consumer lists and business lists for direct mail marketing.  Thousands of customers from Fortune 1000 to small-office/home-office and individual salespeople  have used their products and services to increase revenue,  find new customers and grow profits. They  focus on understanding the overall business goals of each of their clients.  They have a very knowledgeable staff and will listen to your needs. They will make excellent recommendations that will get you results and help to grow your business in a cost-effective manner.

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