Direct Mail Discussions Begin Between US & Cuba

This can be big news for suppliers of mailing lists and for businesses that buy mailing lists. Restoring direct mail service between U.S. and Cuba has been an issue that has thwarted previous presidents, including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Previous attempts had been stalled by the Cuban government. Experts say that it would not only be a big step for families that have been divided but also would be a politically critical move. The decision to have the direct mail talks comes just after migration talks in New York in July.

Direct mail to Cuba stopped in 1963, and since then mail has had to go through other countries. Diplomats have now arranged to meet in Havana to discuss the renewal of direct mail between the countries to put an end to rerouting direct mail through Canada or Mexico. President Obama would like to improve relations between the U.S. and Cuba. He has taken measures to see if the Cuban leadership is interested in participating. One such step taken involves the support of a recent decision by the Organization of American States to reverse its position in 1962 to suspend Cuba from the 34-country group. Read full direct mail story .

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