Integrating Social Media With Email Into Direct Marketing Campaigns

Recent studies conducted by marketing firms point out that businesses who use email marketing in combination with more traditional marketing methods (direct mail, print media, magazine advertising, etc.) have an increased probability of increased revenues. Such is the case with a recent study conducted by Vistaprint ( Email marketing is simple, cheap and very effective. Results can be improved upon if social media is integrated into email marketing.

For example, a small business operating in a storefront location may have a loyal customer base who would like to be notified when the store has a sale. The existing customers should be the first to hear about any sales or specials because they will be the ones most likely to buy. The store can simply have customers sign up for their email mailing list at their cash register or point of sale. The store can email the customers to the mailing list for little or no cost.

Integrate Social Media Into Email Marketing

Nowadays, a small business can leverage social media with email marketing by getting customers to share their comments about products and services online. This can help to spread a lot of good will as well as to spot weaknesses and get them corrected before they get out of hand.

Customers who participate by following brands on Facebook or Twitter are more engaged than the average person.  Customers who have opinions and who want to share them with other consumers as well as the companies who sell the products and services are assets to your brand. Businesses would do well to treat them as you would a treat your best customers by offering them early access to promotions or exclusive content.

Industry Experts Agree

In a recent article in Fresh Business Thinking (, author Ivan Croxford, general manager of BT Business, points out that social media can help companies to build an audience in a non-intrusive way.

He states that brands need to be targeted in their approach. It is important to develop opt-in, permission-based email lists where customers have given permission to be contacted. He emphasizes that a good email list is based on insight about who the customers are and what they want and this is where social media comes in.

Croxford points out that social media gives e-tailers or marketers the opportunity to build an audience in a non-intrusive way by inviting feedback and sharing compelling content about products and services. But he also cautions against abusing this relationship by spamming your ‘fans’ and that if you don’t respect the community, it won’t respect you.

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