Postal Service Forum Launched by Marketing and Mailing Groups Website

POSTALJOURNAL.COM – On December 1, 2009 a new Web forum was launched at www.postaljournal.comby a coalition of postal, mailing and marketing groups to discuss the state of the US Postal Service and how the federal agency can maintain its relevance in the future.The site was created by PostCom (The Association for Postal Commerce), the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association and the Envelope Manufacturers Association with the support of the Direct Marketing Association and Direct Communications Group.

The goals of are to explore the evolution of the American postal system as part of the nation’s 21st century economic and communication infrastructure and to facilitate an exchange of postal perspectives by individuals without regard to past or present occupational affiliations.

According to Ken Garner, the president and CEO of the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association,  the financial state of the USPS was an impetus for the site’s creation because it reported a $3.8 billion net loss for fiscal year 2009.

Also, in an article appearing at the DM News website, Gene Del Polito, president of PostCom said about the new Postal Journal Forum, “There needed to be a place where people could present ideas and have them discussed, criticized and built upon without having to worry about speaking on behalf of anyone they specifically represented.” He also added that there wasn’t going to be any lobbying.

Whether they like it or not, these industry groups depend upon the Postal Service for their livelihood, and the fact that the USPS is hemorrhaging cash is of no small concern. This was reason enough to start the forum so they would have a platform from which to voice their concerns.

Like the industry groups, business who use mailing lists in their direct mail marketing campaigns will also be concerned about the future of the USPS. Businesses who send out mailings that use consumer mailing lists have to know that they need a financially healthy Postal Service to help with their marketing efforts.

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