Posting regularly to a blog on your website is an important part of website marketing today. The word “blog” is short for “web log” and is basically defined as an online journal where one can post up-to-date entries on topics of interest.

Blogging has been around since before 2000 but really took hold in the mid 2000’s. At the present, the search engines value fresh content from blogging and will index new articles within seconds or minutes of publication. Blogging has now become a vital link in most any web site marketing strategy and should not be overlooked.

Blogging and SEO

If a blog post is written correctly and optimized for the search engines and then distributed through social media websites, it can get indexed in the search engines on your keywords and increase traffic to your website. If blogging is done well enough and often enough it can add a tremendous amount of authority to your website. Search engines will place a higher value on a website with more authority than it will on a website with less authority. Blogging is an important factor in achieving authority for your website.

Blogging for SEO requires a lot of skill. Some keywords are more competitive than others. Choosing the right keywords and the right market niche is absolutely vital before starting a blog on your website. Doing a proper keyword analysis up front before launching your blog will be time well spent and well worth the effort.

WordPress Blogging Platform

There are a number of blogging platforms – WordPress, Blogger and Typepad, but we have settled on WordPress because it is secure, flexible, widely used and well supported. The basic WordPress blogging functionality can be extended with plugins to make it even more flexible. It works on most Unix-based hosting accounts and can be installed in a sub-folder of a domain incorporating your blog into the main website structure.

Custom WordPress Themes

We can also design a custom WordPress theme (template) that blends well with an existing website design. This is one of our specialties. Please check some of the blog designs in our portfolio. Please contact us for a quote on a custom WordPress theme for your website.

Blogging Service

We also offer a blogging service for those who need help writing blog posts that are search engine friendly and relevant to your industry. Blog posts that we write are original content, always hand written and never computer generated.