Content Writing

Content Writing

Back in the “old days” of the Internet, websites could score well in the search engines with reasonably decent keyword density and a fair amount and quality of incoming links. That changed in the mid-2000’s when Google figured out how to tell the difference between good content writing and not-so-good content writing.

Before that time, a website with gobbledegook for content could score high in the search results. As long as the content writing had the keywords in the right density and frequency and there were no obvious red flags to alert the search engines that content was of low quality, then the pages could rank high in the search results. Unfortunately, this had the potential to make for a bad experience for users who depended on the search engines to direct them to websites with the answers they were looking for.

Google Wants to Make Users Happy

Users are happy when they can quickly find what they are searching for and not have to wade through a bunch of useless spam to find it. Nowadays there are no shortcuts. Google has gotten better and better over the years and can spot low quality content. Not only can the search engines figure out if the content writing is any good, it can also tell if is fresh or stale.

Google Likes Fresh Content

Google has adjusted its search algorithms to favor fresh content over old content. Thus, a website marketing plan must include a means to publish a sufficient quantity of fresh, good quality content to consistently score well in the search results. We not only provide quality web design to our clients but also we can help with the content writing.

Content is King

Back in 1996 Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates knew the importance of content writing and wrote an article which coined the phrase “content is king”. Since then, the phrase has become part of the culture of the Internet. There are a lot of ways that a website can provide good content writing. Below are just a few:

  • Publish helpful and informative articles that users want to read and share with their friends.
  • Include an FAQ – or “Frequently Asked Questions” page on your website.
  • Publish a blog on your website that includes news articles about your industry.
  • Write instructional tutorials if you are an expert in your field.

Content writing need not be tedious or boring. The Internet is all about communication. Part of good website marketing is to focus on a niche and then communicate to users who are interested in that niche with lots of content writing. If you are interested in our content writing services or for more information or a price quote, please contact us.