Press Releases


A press release can be an effective tool to boost website traffic and search engine rankings. When used in combination with social media, a press release can be an effective marketing tool. A press release or news release is simply a written statement issued to the news media announcing some newsworthy item about a person, event, product or service.

With respect to a website, a press release is a way to inform the public about a new product or service or change in the website. Press releases are used to announce something newsworthy that the public will be interested in.

Press Release Publication and Distribution

A well-executed press release, published at a bona fide PR news distribution website, will increase your web presence on a particular keyword topic. Your press release will be distributed to various media outlets who will, in turn, spread your message to readers who will be interested in it. From there, readers may use social media to spread your message even further. The key to having your message spread by social media is to write something of social value that is compelling, concise and interesting that people will want to hear about and tell others about.

The whole thing gets picked up by search engines and may likely appear on the main search results pages as well as the news search results pages. Your story has a good chance of appearing in newsreaders, news aggregators and Google email alerts. The bottom line is that most website owners experience a spike in website traffic and inquiries right after a press release.

Periodically Issue a Press Release

We recommend that clients periodically publish a press release to keep customers interested in their websites and the products or services they offer. It is not difficult to come up with something newsworthy about your company or professional practice. Things happen all the time. You just need to be alert that when something important does happen to make a note of it and then craft a well-written statement about it.

Writing an Effective Press Release

There is a skill and an art to writing an effective press release. We have written many press releases for clients and helped them with their businesses. If you are interested in publishing a press release or for more information or a price quote, please contact us.