Link Popularity: A Powerful Traffic Building Technique For Your Website

“What exactly is “link popularity” and why is it so important?”

Link popularity is where other sites have links to your site. It is essential to driving traffic to your site. Link popularity works on the assumption that if other sites have links to your pages, then it must be that they consider your site to be important and that you provide information that people want to read. A search engine will give your site a high ranking if it thinks that its users will want to read the content on your site.

The more popular the site that links to you, the higher the ranking you achieve with the search engines. If a site has a lot of traffic and links to you, this would be considered to be a quality site. The search engines perceive that both their site and your site must be popular. This is better than having a high number of low-traffic sites with links to your site. Thus, the quality of the links is more important than the quantity of links to your site. The ideal scene is to have a high quantity of quality sites linking to your site.

What makes a site want to link to my site?

The answer is simple. Content! You have to have something that makes a visitor come to the site other than your product or service that you sell. There must be a perceived value that would make the user want to visit your site. This will make your site popular and thus others will want to link to you.

What type of content should I put on my site?

A. Free “how-to” articles, reports or newsletters of interest to your client

B. Topical information such as local news or updates on your particular industry

C. Downloadable software

D. Clips: video, photos, graphics or sound

E. Links to other value-added sites. This shows the search engines that you are networked within your industry and thus increases your popularity.

Traffic will come from sites linking to you directly. Traffic will also come to your site ‘indirectly’ (but significantly) from the search engines and directories as your position improves.

“Why is link popularity so important”?

If you’re not linked online to your target audience, they will never know you are there and will never find you. If you have no traffic, you will have no sales.

Additionally, over a dozen top search engines and directories today use link popularity to determine your positioning. In other words, if there are no targeted links to your site, your search engine rankings will suffer dramatically. This will be the case even though you may have the right keywords and your pages are optimized for the search engines.

“Is it important to host reciprocal links on my site?”

Yes. Today it is critical. Most sites expect you to offer a reciprocal link in return, so you should start planning for this now. You can do this by creating a links page on your site – preferably the index or home page, because that’s what your link partners most want. This links page will enable you to become an outstanding portal resource for your industry niche, with visitors coming back repeatedly to use your links.

“How should I go about building links?”

There are several ways you can go about it. If you decide to do it yourself, look for websites that are related to you and your specific industry. Then contact the webmaster expressing your desire to exchange links and how it would be mutually beneficial. Look for sites that are quality sites that will give your visitors content.

You can also hire a professional service that will build your links, monitor the exchange program for you and guarantee a specific number of links. This could save you a tremendous amount of time and will ensure that it is done correctly.

Building links can be an arduous process, but when done correctly provides a strong and lasting foundation for the success of your site. Link popularity can be one of the most valuable techniques you will ever use. Do not underestimate its power in driving an enormous amount of traffic to your site. It is essential to your marketing success!

Sue Doughty is the Marketing Director of Studio 1 Design and Hosting and has over 15 years experience in her field. Her advice in the area of search engine optimization has helped businesses achieve high search engine placement and success on the Internet. Visit Studio1 Design and Hosting on the Web at, email email hidden; JavaScript is required.